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Bucket Blade for a Dozer

Bucket Cutting Edges & Dozer Blades

Hoverdale Cutting Edges

Hoverdale can fabricate any size cutting edge for your bucket. We offer straight, spade nose, duck bill, bolt-on, and slip-on cutting edges. We can also provide skid plates cut to size, per your requirements.

Our Cutting Edges are available in 360, 500, 450 and 500 Briness hardness. Low hydrogen electrodes- such as AWS Spec E-70XX, E-80XX, E-90XX and E-100XX are recommended. Pre-heating and post-heating are also recommended on thicker edges. Standard bevel 30°, 1/4" land.

Welding Procedure

  1. Use low hydrogen welding rod (7018)
  2. Tack weld from centre to outer edge
  3. Pre-heat to 200-250°F

Slip-On Cutting Edges

Heat treated steel with typical hardness of 450 BHN. Extends bucket life. Easy to weld onto bucket. Extends life of general purpose edge. Less downtime for replacemen. Takes more abuse and wear with less weight.

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