How Hoverdale's solution saved 50 man-hours per week in clean-up & improved the life of parts by six times.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners

The Situation

After discussion with the client, Hoverdale were invited to visit the plant & make recommendations on an issue relating to the conveyor system. This system wasn’t working: there was a lot of carry-back which was causing spillage as well as damage to the return rollers.

The cleaning systems supplied with the original equipment were ineffective and needed constant attention.

Spillage and clogging were the main problems caused by these unsuitable cleaning systems which caused wear & tear, downtime & regular replacement. In addition, the return rollers were wearing out in weeks causing regular maintenance.

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s objectives were simple:

  • To find a reliable cost-effective solution
  • To eliminate carry back spillage
  • Minimum maintenance

The Client’s Measures for Success

The client’s measures for the success of the project were simple, enabling them to clearly see whether the implementation had the desired effect. These were:

  • Carryback volumes
  • Spillage volumes
  • Clean-up costs (man-hours)
  • Maintenance costs

Our Solution

Hoverdale’s solution was threefold:

1) Installing our flexible ‘finger’ scraper on the chevron belts

2) Installing our QC primary cleaning which runs on the head drum and removes 90% of the carry back

3) Installing our B-type secondary system to remove the last 10% of carry back

This would prevent rollers from being damaged, stop clogging & extend the life of the conveyor system & parts.

Our Work

We met the client’s expectations with carry back spillage all but eliminated and maintenance periods reduced from quarterly to between 18 months & 2 years.

The Timing

It took three visits over a four week period to install the cleaners.

The Value

The value to the customer was significant:

  • 50 man-hours per week (2,600 man-hours  per annum) in clean-up costs
  • Scraper blades that lasted 6 times as long (18 months compared to three months)
  • Reduced replacement costs (blades cost 20% less than the original equipment supplier’s replacements)

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