How Hoverdale reduced the costs of replacing glass recycling parts by up to £4,000 per month for one of the UKs largest waste management companies

Glass Recycling Case Study

The Situation

Glass has a high silica content. This is one of the most abrasive materials in the bulk materials handling industry. Glass crushing machines have to run at high speeds to achieve the level of granulation required by glass recyclers. Wear and tear on the component parts is severe and therefore the maintenance costs in both labour and materials are high.

The client was buying parts from the original equipment manufacturer & felt that better service & a more cost-effective solution could be found. The client was finding that machines were having to go down because they could not get parts from the original equipment manufacturer on time.

Hoverdale were called in to one of a large glass recycler’s plants in order to reduce labour & material costs on these machines.

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s objectives were simple:

  • To find a cost effective solution – the client felt that a 30% reduction in part costs was achievable
  • To reduce maintenance costs
  • To get an improved service

The Client's Measure for Success

There were a number of simple measures for the client to determine whether the project was successful. These included:

  • The costs of the old v the new parts
  • The downtime of the machinery
  • The delivery timescale for new parts

Our Solution

The client had tried a number of solutions without any improvement and asked Hoverdale to investigate.   Hoverdale’s solution was in three parts:

  • For the static parts of the crusher we supplied our Ultraclad 800 which increased the life from 4 months to over 2 years
  • For the rotating parts we found that hard metals/carbides were not suitable for applications where the feed contained materials other than glass. In this case we used a heat treated alloy steel that gave a consistent life time/output life   
  • Where the feed material was ‘clean’ i.e. contained only glass, we were able to use hard metals to good effect and achieve much longer life

The Timing

From the go-ahead, the tooling of the first batch of hammers took two-and-a-half months. Thereafter, batches of replacement parts were created for the client every month & kept in-stock for the client to draw upon as required.

The Value

The value to the client was significant and included:

  • 70% reduction in costs for the static parts of the crusher
  • 30% reduction in costs for the rotating parts
  • 60% reduction where the feed material was clean
  • The overall saving was up to £4k per month
  • Zero downtime (the client had shut down the machinery for days in the past when waiting for replacements)
  • The improved service of providing in-time delivery

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