How we achieved a life increase of 20 times and eliminated build up & clogging on a waste management company's return rollers

Waste Management Return Rollers Case Study

The Situation

From initial discussions with one of the UK’s largest waste management companies to selected works, Hoverdale built a relationship that enabled the company’s engineers to undertake tours of the various waste management plants.

During one inspection, the client’s engineer discussed a problem whereby return rollers were wearing out after just a few weeks.

Return rollers on all the conveyors handling refuse are subject to severe abrasion and clogging with material build up on the rollers.

With wear comes a number of issues:

  • Replacement costs
  • Downtime
  • Maintenance costs, especially the man-hours spent in replacing the worn parts

This problem had not been mentioned initially but, with a trusted relationship, Hoverdale’s team were able to explore issues that might not have been identified at a high-level.

The Client’s Objectives

The clients’ objectives were simple:

  • To find a roller system that would last longer and be clog-resistant
  • To reduce the maintenance costs that had been identified
  • To reduce the costs of operation

The Client’s Measures of Success

It was easy for the client to identify whether Hoverdale had made a difference in this area. Simple measurement could be made by focusing on:

  • The life of the old system v the life of the proposed system
  • The time spent replacing discs
  • Downtime

Our Solution

We provided two solutions both of which achieved the clients’ objectives:

A: A split collar in polyurethane which fitted to existing steel return rollers, eliminating clogging and increasing life

B: A polyurethane ‘king’, return roller to replace the original steel roller to eliminate build up and increase life

The Timing

It took three months from identifying the problem to the completion of work.

The Value

The new system provided value in a number of ways:

  • Old discs that lasted weeks were being replaced by new discs that last between 18 months & 2 years. The old disc system cost £80 & Hoverdale’s replacement cost £78. This saved the client £1,522 per installation point (comparing a wear time of 1 month v 20 months)
  • Maintenance time & man-hours was similarly cut by 20 times. This was extremely attractive to the client
  • Downtime was similarly cut by 20 times

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