ASGCO Bassco Flex-Mount Stub Idler

Patented Flex-Mount Stub Idler Provides Needed Belt Support

The patented Flex-Mount Stub Idler, designed by BASSCO, provides the needed belt support on the return side of the steep angle conveyor belts or pocket belts. The return stub idler consists of a roller with internal bearings mount to a threaded shaft assembly and adjustable mounting brackets.

Bassco Flex-mount™ Stub Idler Features & Benefits

  • Increase Belt Life – by providing support and tracking adjustments on the return side of steep angle sidewall belts.
  • Flexible Design – incorporates either a CEMA C (sealed ball), CEMA D (tapered roller) or CEMA E (tapered roller) rollers depending on each application.
  • 5” (125mm) and 6” (150mm) diameter rollers are standard, however we have capabilities and have made up to 10” (250mm) diameter.
  • Rollers are available – in steel, stainless, galvanized rubber or urethane coated.
  • Adjustable Brackets – can be used to for either drop or rise applications and can be used for 0, 3 or 5 degree angle applications.
  • Robust Design – for heavy tonnages and high belt speeds.

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