ASGCO Bassco Stub Conveyor Belt Idler

BASSCO Stub Conveyor Belt Idler Designed for Heavy Loads

The Stub Idler provides increased sidewall conveyor belt life and is designed for heavy load support.

BASSCO Dampening Roll Assemblies Features & Benefits

  • Designed to provide increased sidewall conveyor belt life.
  • Bassco designed its stub idlers (patented) with the bearings located in a bearing housing with a non-rotating grease fitting and the roller welded to the shaft.
  • Incorporates the proper decline angle for the roller to match the belt manufacturer’s recommendation and offers the idlers in “drop” or “rise” designs to fit all conveyor frame/belt combinations.
  • Rollers are available in steel, rubber or polyurethane.
  • Designed for heavy load support and high belt speeds.

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