ASGCO Belt Beaters

The ASGCO® Belt Beater Increases Belt Life

The ASGCO® Belt Beater has been designed to work on the return or “clean” side of flexible sidewall or conventional troughed belts.

The ASGCO® Belt Beater Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty wall rollers rotate around a main shaft at approximately 600 RPM.
  • Mounted behind the head pulley, rollers impact the belt causing the material to loosen and fall from the belt.
  • Works on the back of the belt where the cover is thin.
  • Increases belt life due to roller contact and not bars that can “scrub” the belt and cause the cover to wear.
  • Designed to handle belt widths over 42″ without incurring excessive loading on the beater roll’s bearings.
  • Universal Mount Drive Package now available including motor and v-belt drive, is now available.

Can We Help?

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