ASGCO Dura-seal (Org) Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compound

Dura-Seal Is The Toughest

Our Dura-Seal product is the toughest and most cut resistant material available for skirt-board sealing.

  • Abrasive and Cut Resistant – Dura-Seal is the toughest and most cut resistant 45-durometer-rubber material available anywhere.
  • Exceptional Skitboard Sealing – in abrasive and impact area conditions where cut and gauge is a problem, as seen in hard rock mining applications.

ASGCO Dura-Seal (ORG) Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compound with Clamp-Mount on angled support plate.

Can We Help?

We would like to offer you a free site survey with a report and recommendations. We offer a pro rata payment plan where if you accept our recommendation you only pay the full price when we achieve our promised results.

We can work with you to achieve the planned maintenance program by making components last longer by the strategic use of hard metals/ceramics.