ASGCO Mini-Skalper Belt Cleaner

The Unique Mini-Skalper® Conveyor Belt Pre-Cleaner

Perfect For Small Diameter Pulleys Where Space Is An Issue.

Mini-Skalper® belt cleaner is designed for small diameter pulleys where space and size is a factor. This belt cleaner is ideal in situations where the head pulley is less then 16” (400mm) in diameter or tight locations.

Features and Benefits

Excellent Performance – of our patented Mini-Skalper® blade design maintains an effective cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade and can be changed for the optimum in blade coverage across the belt’s material carry path for better cleaning efficiency.

  • Blade Cartridge – allows for easy change out of scraper blades from either side of the conveyor.
  • E-Z Torque® Tensioner – (lifetime warranty) patented- made of all 304 stainless steel mounting plates, collars and springs allows the blades to self adjust throughout the entire life of the blade and is the most robust and accurate belt cleaner tensioner in the industry.
  • Combined with the E-Z Torque® tensioner, the Mini-Skalper® primary belt cleaning system provides our customers with a belt cleaner that can handle the most extreme corrosive and weather conditions.

Available Blade Types

Blade Angle

A flat pulley surface side of the blade ensures a sharp point contact and material clearance.

  • More Aggressive
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Less Abrasion Between Blade and Belt
  • Less Chance of Blade Feathering

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Belt Speed – 1000 fpm (5.0 m/sec)
  • Pulley Diameter – 12″ – 36″ (300 – 900mm)
  • Applications – Cement, Wood Processing, Recycling, Hard Rock Mining,Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Aggregate and Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining

Mini Skalper® with E-Z Torque® Tensioner

Also available with Force-1™ Tensioner

  • Simple and Accurate
  • Superior Elasticity
  • Excellent for worn belts
  • Stainless steel pin with lanyard for easy change-out
  • Single hand tensioner
  • Torque wrench adaptor supplied to get accurate torque tension.
  • 100% Lifetime warranty
  • US Patent Number 5,992614

Can We Help?

We would like to offer you a free site survey with a report and recommendations. We offer a pro rata payment plan where if you accept our recommendation you only pay the full price when we achieve our promised results.

We can work with you to achieve the planned maintenance program by making components last longer by the strategic use of hard metals/ceramics.