ASGCO Quarry Duty Impact Beds

Efficient and Safe Protection for the Load Zone

ASGCO®’s Quarry Duty Impact Cradle Beds are designed to offer an efficient and safe means of protecting the conveyor belt and helping to eliminate spillage / dust in the load zone. While the specification and installation of the impact beds is simple, the robust design provides the rugged durability needed for quarries and today’s demanding applications.

Quarry Duty Impact Beds Features & Benefits

  • Protects the Conveyor Belt – The robust design for aggregate and quarry operations is able to take the impact of falling materials while maintaining an effective seal of the skirtboards.
  • Efficient and Safe – Safe and easy installation and service of the impact beds is a priority in any operation.
  • Affordable Options – Available is both Light Duty (up to 250 lb.-ft.) and Standard Duty (between 250- 750 lb.-ft.) in either 4′ or 5′ long beds.

Product Specifications and Guidelines

  • Maximum Belt Speed – 800 FPM (4M/sec)
  • Max Temperature Rating – -40 F to 180 F (-40 C to 82 C)
  • Impact Bar Material – UMHW Polyurethane, Rubber Cushion and aluminum extrusion
  • Available for Belt Widths – 24” to 48” (600 to 1200mm)
  • Impact Energy – Max Lump Weight (lb) x Drop Height (ft.) Up to 250 lb-ft for QDLD and 250 to 750 lb-ft. for QDSD
  • Applications – Aggregate Quarries, Cement, Wood Processing, Recycling and Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt, Frac Sand) Mining

Impact Energy Calculation Chart

How to spec the correct impact bed for your conveyor transfer point

Impact Energy

  • Lump Weight (w) ______
  • Drop Height (h) x ______
  • Total = lb-ft __________

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We can work with you to achieve the planned maintenance program by making components last longer by the strategic use of hard metals/ceramics.