ASGCO® X-Wear Ceramic Canoe Skirt Liners

Effective For Sealing Inside the Skirtboard and Adds Stability

ASGCO® Ceramic Canoe Skirt Liners are highly effective for sealing inside the skirtboard, controls the material until it becomes stable and protecting the skirt wall from wearing.

The liner is comprised of a ¼” mild steel backing plate that is vulcanized to an abrasion / impact resistant 60 durometer rubber (or urethane) with a ceramic cylinder (or squares) matrix.

The liners have bevelled edges to insure optimum sealing inside the skirting and to eliminate spillage and leaks. The modular sections are designed for ease of handling and installation and for easy replacement.

  • Bevelled edge design – insures optimum sealing inside the skirtboard to prevent material spillage
  • Adjustability – of the Canoe / Skirt Liners aid in the conformity of the conveyor belt and maximize liner life
  • Longer wear life – Single edge bevel or dual edge bevel for reversible wear life
  • Custom sizes, thickness and shapes are available at customers request

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We can work with you to achieve the planned maintenance program by making components last longer by the strategic use of hard metals/ceramics.