Distributors Wanted

Hoverdale have a comprehensive network of distributors across the globe. We are always looking for relationships with distributors in foreign markets. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please feel free to get in touch


Who Are Our Distributors?

Hoverdale’s distributors are companies in a range of complimentary industries to our own. We have relationships with distributors in the following industries:

  • Mining Suppliers
  • Cement Works Suppliers
  • Quarry Suppliers
  • Steel Industry Suppliers
  • Steel Stock Holders
  • Vulcanisers
  • Conveyor Belt Suppliers
  • Bulk Material Handling Industry Suppliers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

What Would Make You a Good Fit?

Hoverdale have had many relationships with distributors over the years. Our experience has shown us that there are particular industries that work well with our own. These include:

Conveyor Cleaners

  • Vulcanisers
  • Suppliers of conveyor belting

We find that, where companies are buying conveyor belts, it makes sense for them to be able to buy the right accessories to ensure that they have the right performance. In all cases our distributors are able to sell more to happier clients.

Special Steels & Wear Plate

  • Steel stock holders
  • Hard metal stock holders

We find that what we offer is complimentary to what they have to offer. We can offer them a wider range of products and they can gain a wider range of business.

What Do You Need To Do?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Hoverdale, please contact us using the telephone number at the top & at the bottom of the page. We can tell you more about the advantages Hoverdale has and what we can provide for you in terms of training, support and sales & marketing material.