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Hoverdale’s case studies showing their applications of conveyor cleaners & scrapers & hard metals in the waste management industry.

> Chilean Open Pit Mining Company Hard Metals

The main conveyor (1.6 km long) that transported raw materials from the mine was overloaded in order to increase production. Consequently, side boards or spill plates had to be fitted to prevent the bed of material being transported spilling over the sides of the conveyor. The life of the spill plates was only 8 million tonnes or 10 weeks manufactured from 500 BHN RQT steel.

> Conveyor Belt Cleaners

How Hoverdale’s solution saved 50 man-hours per week in clean-up & improved the life of parts by six times.

> Glass Recycling

How Hoverdale reduced the costs of replacing glass recycling parts by up to £4,000 per month for one of the UKs largest waste management companies.

> Screw Feeder Liners

How replacement liners saved one waste management client £38,700 in replacement parts & 598 man-hours in maintenance.

> Waste Management Return Rollers

How we achieved a life increase of 20 times and eliminated build up & clogging on a waste management company’s return rollers.

> Waste Management Star Wheels

How advice on a revised design saved a waste management company 30% on improved replacement parts.

> Waste Processing Conveyor

How Hoverdale saved a waste management company £32,000 per annum following a successful trial of conveyor rollers.

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