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Motorised Brush Cleaner

Our motorised brush system was initially designed to clean chevron and cleated belts that conventional contact belt scrapers could not clean effectively. However, it soon became apparent that the system was also very effective on all belt construction. Through many years active in the field, we have proven data that shows a reduction in belt stoppages, increasing uptime, allowing more materials to be processed through the plant.

What is it used for?

Our Motorised Brush Cleaners are highly effective in solving the following problems when processing bulk materials:

belt cleaner and belt scraper motorised brush

What industries use motorised brush cleaning?

Our Motorised Brush Cleaners have a proven track record in the following industries:

Key Features & Benefits of Motorised Brush Cleaner Method

Suitable for the following conveyor belt constructions:

  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion prevention and longevity
  • Auto adjusting options as brush wears contact to the belt is automatically positioned to maintain effective contact
  • Quick release brush cartridge system for easy change and maintenance
  • Belt widths from 400mm to 3000mm widths
  • Brush diameters range from 200mm to 600mm
  • Semi or fully automated brush disengagement from the conveyor belt
  • Increase uptime, increase the life of the belt, return rollers, and support equipment
  • Reduce cleaning resource requirement
  • Maintain stable production.
  • Rubber, PVC, Polyurethane, metal slatted, mesh
  • Hot and cold vulcanised
  • Mechanically clipped or fastened
  • Chevron, cleated, flighted, bucket, and flat belt construction.


Motorised Brush Cleaner for Conveyor Belts Case Studies

Keeping chevron and cleated conveyor belts clean at a Material Recovery Facility.
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Reducing conveyor stoppages with automatic motorised brush cleaning technology at ERF/MRF Facility.

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Preventing material carryback with varying moisture contents to increase uptime at IBA Plant.

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Motorised Brush Belt Cleaner on an Optical Sorter in an MRF.

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Removal of Dust & Fine Materials from Conveyor Return Belts.

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MRF recycling plant benefits from Hoverdale’s wide range of products and services

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DRS Screening Shafts Manufactured and Supplied to MRF

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