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With a company history stretching back to 1969, Hoverdale have gained experience with some of the biggest companies in the UK & worldwide in mining, quarrying, steel manufacture & recycling. We are currently proud to be approved suppliers to a number of industry leaders.

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for Biffa & have an on-going development programme with the company to provide long-life components in hard metals for for their processing plants.

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for Tarmac & provide them with engineered solutions for operating problems across their network of quarries.

Hoverdale were able to save Lafarge Tarmac £2,000 per conveyor per year by replacing a competitor’s system with our own. British engineering wins out!

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for Veolia and have solved one major problem for the company which, according to Veolia, will save them £500,000 per annum at one plant.

We are now looking at 3 new problems and will normally engineer a cost-effective solution within 3 weeks.

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for the Hanson Group. Our D-type scraper is proving to be a great success operating on granite.

We are currently working with a local site to carry out an upgrade across the plant. We were able to win this over a number of significant competitors based upon our detailed survey & cost-saving recommendations.

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for the Aggregate Industries group and have supplied the company for many years.

We are currently working on spillage problems with the company with excellent results. By fitting our K skirt & upgrading drum seals, we have all but eliminated spillage. Clearing up is now once a month instead of three times a week.

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for Ibstock. We have solved two problems for Ibstock which will be implemented throughout the group with significant savings.

As a result of the success we have had with Ibstock, we have now been asked to engineer solutions to a new range of problems.

Hoverdale are approved suppliers for Cemex.

We have carried out surveys for Cemex and made recommendations which they have accepted. We have implemented our recommendations on a no-cure, no-pay basis which is particularly attractive to the client.

We have supplied the company that is now TATA Steel since 1982 and have made a significant contribution to lowering costs, reducing downtime and lost production.

Our biggest claim to fame was to play a significant role in reducing the Llanwern Sinter Plant maintenance crew from 85 to 5 over a 3-year period.

Our Food grade Limber-rollers have been used by Kellogg’s for the last 20 years with excellent results. Long-Life, Maintenance Free, Easy and quick to change.