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About Hoverdale - Conveyor belts, belt scrapers and belt cleaners

Hoverdale specialises in providing and supplying hard metals and wear-resistant products for conveyor belt products and equipment for all bulk material handling environments.

We manufacture conveyor belts, conveyor belt scrapers, belt cleaners, conveyor cleaning equipment, special steels and wear plates, shear knives and blades and offer a grinding and precision service – to all specifications. We have engineered 28 types of conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers applicable to any job or conveyor system that requires cleaning, maintaining, or replacing. We fully understand that no two plants are the same, allowing us to develop all our solutions to suit our client’s needs.

Operating a bulk material handling plant can be costly and made more difficult by excessive downtime and expensive maintenance. It is important that the best possible equipment and materials are used to minimise stoppage difficulties.

Established over 50 years, Hoverdale is proven in its capabilities to solve the many problems associated with the movement of bulk materials. If your plant experiences downtime due to multiple regular stoppages, the Hoverdale team will provide the necessary expertise and best solutions to keep your plants moving and create efficiencies to meet your contract tonnage targets and compliance.

We are proud members of Made in Britain

Conveyor Equipment

Keep your plant running under the most taxing conditions. No belt damage, guaranteed with our conveyor belt scraper and belt cleaners

Wear Plate

Dramatically increase the life of your plant, improve efficiency & reduce downtime. The toughest special steels on the market.

Grinding & Fabrication

UK leaders in surface grinding. We are the only company that can undertake stainless steel grinding & aluminium grinding.

Shear & Crusher Blades

Dramatically increase the life of your blades, reduce running costs & maintenance. Super-quick turnaround in the UK.

Our latest engineered product is a motorised brush belt cleaner for conveyor belts that clients operating MRFs/ERFs.

Read about our award-winning HALO technology

Following intensive research and testing in 2019, we produced an industry-leading, multi award-winning cutting-edge technology called the HALO – Hoverdale Automated Linked Technology

The Hoverdale team were the first company in the market to bring condition monitoring to belt cleaning technology. The main competitors quickly followed this, however, our team went one step further – not only can the HALO systems identify and report information when the system has a worn blade, but it has the ability to report on many more issues and can also fully automatically remove blockages by disengaging from the belt and cleaning its own blade. It can then reengage with the belt to the correct tension all whilst the plant is running.

This became a game changer. The patent-pending technology is now rolled out to a number of operations in a number of industries, including IBA, Waste Recycling and Mining and Aggregates.

Sustainability and the Circular Economy

At Hoverdale, we are committed to reduce waste, champion greater resource productivity and deliver towards a more competitive UK economy.

Our promise is to help minimise our environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions across our production activities and invest in technology and automation that sets us apart from our competitors.

Working with our suppliers and customers, we want to help educate others to act more sustainably and contribute towards the bulk handling and waste sector’s vision for a Net Zero, circular economy.

The benchmark for quality in the industry

Made in the UK, our products are used in 5 continents and our expertise spans the globe. Book a site visit now, the savings will more than pay for your time or your money back!

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