Engineering Services Project Biffa Leicester

Decommissioning and Installation of New Conveyor System for Biffa Leicester MRF

Hoverdale UK Limited was approached by Biffa Leicester, a Materials Recycling Facility to decommission two existing conveyor systems

The work included removal of the old belt systems and the manufacture and installation of brand new conveyors, belts and motorised brush cleaners.

The Biffa Leicester MRF site is one of the top performing sites within the group. The management team Dan Sage, Matt Newman, & Dan Simms are constantly looking to improve the process and improve the equipment availability increasing tonnage output for reduce maintenance resources. Two conveyors were causing most of the downtime and stoppages and were identified that they needed to be replaced:

  • H.03.02 Main feed from the shredder to the trommel

  • H.03.02.B Feed to the bunker

Due to the scale of the work, we installed timelapse video recording to capture the scope and magnitude of this flagship engineering project.

A solution was required to solve the following issues presented on a regular basis by the existing conveyors:

  • Blockages at head drum end between feed conveyor and trommel
  • Material carryback to the tail ends causing blockages and belt tracking issues
  • Worn feed rollers causing tracking issues a wrapped up of material
  • Feed to the bunker conveyor from incline blockages at transfer point
  • Not enough overhang from one conveyor to the other.
BIFFA Leicester

Scope of Works

The Aim

Hoverdale was tasked with providing two new conveyors to improve processing performance and be simple to maintain.

The new systems will reduce down time, the need to clean belly pans and tail end drum from the material carryback and prolong the like for the belt and return rollers.

The New Equipment

  • 2 new conveyors were installed successfully over a weekend on time, on budget, and to a very high degree of quality
  • H.03.02 10m x 1550mm wide
  • H.03.02. B 5m x 1550mm wide.

Both conveyors were design to be provide sustained, high work rate, and increase through put.

The New Conveyors Overview:

  • Remove of all trough roller on the feed belt, changing to slider beds.
  • All slider beds have replaceable impact bars for easier maintenance and ensure no fabrication of bed repairs needed in the future
  • Tail drum can be removed without the need for taking off the conveyor belt.
  • Conveyor side wall have been increased to prevent side spillage
  • Motorised brush cleaners have been fitted to prevent material carry back
  • Tail end finger guard fitted to prevent material roll back to the tails end when conveyor is stopped and started
  • The speed of the conveyors has been increased to ensure material is thrown further away from the transfer point preventing blockages and material wrapping around the head drum
  • Low-friction impact skirting has been fitted to reduce the drag on the belt, ensure edges of the belt are not prematurely worn
  • Auto lubrication to all bearings.

The Results…

  • Stable production and increased equipment availability
  • Increased tonnage output
  • No carry back to tail end reduce the need for cleaning staff to be digging out
  • No spillage over the side of the conveyors
  • No blockages at transfer points
  • Removal of the premature belt wearing issues through correct skirting selection.
  • Drastically reduce preventive maintenance requirements

In addition to the project over the same weekend the Hoverdale team completed additional work to include:

  • Motorised brush cleaner fitted to the shredder belt.
  • Fabricated and fitted new trommel feed chute
  • Fabricated new head end sub structure replacing the old structure.
engineering maintenance conveyors

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