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Hoverdale’s Special Steels Division offers a wide range of products, purpose-built to improve efficiency & reduce downtime.

The range of applications for our hard, wear resistant steel plate and chromium carbide lining includes hardfacing of hoppers, chutes, bunker transfer points, and crushers. And our design & manufacturing service covers everything from tungsten carbide pan mixer blades to digger and dozer cutting edges and blades.

Special Steels & Wear Plate

Hard-Facing Electrode Rods

Hoverdale's Tubular Hard Facing Electrodes are available in six different specs to suit any requirements.

Special Steels & Wear Plate

Special Steels

Improve efficiency, reduce downtime & make your life easier. The toughest special steels on the market.

Special Steels & Wear Plate

Special Steels & Wear Plate Applications

See the most common uses of our overlay plates and which products suit which jobs.

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