What are the best Belt Cleaners and Belt Scrapers for Conveyor Belts?
Best Belt Cleaners and Belt Scrapers

Selecting the best belt cleaners and belt scrapers for conveyor belts is essential to the success of many industrial operations so they can seamlessly transport goods and bulk materials through their plants with minimal effort. However, choosing the most efficient belt cleaners and scrapers is essential, or these systems can quickly become inefficient and dangerous if improperly cleaned and maintained. This is where Hoverdale conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers come in – an effective way to prevent material build-up and extend the lifespan of your conveyor belt.


What are Belt Cleaners and Belt Scrapers?

Conveyor belt cleaners are devices used to remove material build-up on conveyor belts. These can be scrapers or blades made from various materials such as rubber, urethane, or tungsten carbide. The cleaners work by scraping the conveyor belt surface and eliminating any excess material or debris that could cause issues.

Different Types of Conveyor Cleaners and Scrapers

There are several conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers, each designed to suit specific applications and types of material. Here are some of the most common types of cleaners and scrapers:

Primary Belt Cleaners – pre-cleaners- are the first line of defence against material build-up. These are typically made from brush, rubber, or polyurethane blades.

Secondary Belt Cleaners are located underneath the conveyor belt, acting as a secondary line of defence. These can remove any remaining material build-up the primary cleaners may have missed.

Belt Ploughs – these belt scrapers deflect any material or debris off the conveyor belt and onto a spillover chute. Bulk material handling plants often use Belt ploughs to prevent material build-up and blockages.

Tungsten Carbide Cleaners – these belt cleaners use tungsten carbide blades to remove even the most resilient materials from conveyor belts. These are typically used in heavy-duty applications where other cleaners and scrapers may not be effective enough.

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Benefits of Using Hoverdale Conveyor Belt Cleaners and Scrapers

By installing one of Hoverdale’s conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers at your plant, you can experience several benefits, including:

Reduced maintenance costs – eliminating material build-up and debris can reduce the likelihood of belt damage, increasing your conveyor belt’s lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Improved safety – removing debris from conveyor belts can prevent accidents, reducing workplace injury risk.

Increased efficiency – by removing material build-up, your conveyor belt can operate more efficiently and reliably, leading to increased throughput and improved production rates.

Conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers are crucial for any bulk material handling facility. By removing material build-up and debris, these devices can improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. When selecting a conveyor belt cleaner or scraper, it’s essential to consider your application’s specific needs and the type of material being transported. With the right equipment, you can ensure the smooth operation of your conveyor belt and a safe, productive workplace.

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