BulkEx 23 Conference Success!

Last week, the MHEA’s recent BulkEx 23 conference, which was held at the midlands-based Chesford Grange in Warwickshire, was heralded as the best yet!  The distinguished event showcased 12 technical keynote speeches delivered by seasoned professionals in the field. Attendees were offered a glimpse into an inspiring exhibition of member companies boasting a selection of stands that spotlighted pioneering products and strategies in the bulk materials handling sector.


With a turnout of nearly 200 delegates, the event was abuzz with professionals seizing every chance to cultivate meaningful connections and harness networking opportunities. This year, BulkEx 23 reaffirmed its stature as a leading meeting point for industry experts to share insights, brainstorm concepts, and ignite promising business ventures.

The 2023 conference event introduced two novel award categories: “Exporter of the Year” and “Sustainability Award,” underlining the event’s commitment to praise exemplary achievements. The awards gala, attended by over 160 guests, emerged as a memorable segment, honouring industry champions who have substantially influenced the domain.

Stellar Speakers: Our revered speakers delivered unmatched expertise, offering insights that promise to redefine our sector’s trajectory. Their wisdom has undeniably invigorated and empowered us.

Remarkable Exhibitors: The exhibition showcased an array of trailblazers from the bulk materials handling niche. We witnessed state-of-the-art solutions, pioneering technologies, and revolutionary gear, hinting at the forthcoming shifts in our industry.

Dynamic Ambiance: BulkEx 23 resonated with vibrant vibes, fostering a spirit of zeal and unity. The high-level interest in bulk materials handling was evident, etching this event in our memories.

Unparalleled Networking: The event carved out stellar networking avenues, nurturing ties and alliances pivotal to our industry’s momentum. Engaging with peers has never felt so seamless.

Relive the Moments: Dive back into the euphoria of BulkEx 23! Explore the MHEA recap video to grasp the event’s highlights and its very soul.

 BulkEx 23

Hoverdale CEO Matthew Beverley is Vice President of the MHEA and supports the notion that BulkEx 23 was a resounding success all- round. Here, he is is pictured here with none other than legendary ex-England rugby player Rory Underwood 🏉 🏉

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