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Thomas Armstrong Conveyor System

How Hoverdale delivered £36,000 in savings by replacing crusher rolls with Ultraclad

The Situation

A roll crusher was employed to reduce raw materials to their final size. Over time the surface of the rollers broke down and the crusher was unable to maintain the required product size.

The Client’s Objectives

To return the crusher to ‘as new’ condition and resume production.

Our Solution

We refurbished 2 crusher rolls by machining and plating with Ultraclad 800. The Ultraclad was welded to the shell and the rolls were returned to their original diameter but with the advantage of having 6mm of chromium carbide rich overlay on the working surfaces.


Their Measures for Success

To re-commence production ASAP and to obtain a performance as good as or better than the original rolls.

Our Work

The rolls were restored to ‘as new’ but with a more wear resistant working surface.

The Timing

We turned the job round in three weeks which satisfied the customer.


Value to the Customer

Refurbished price 50% of new

Turnaround time three weeks against six months plus for new

Performance of Ultraclad coating four times longer life

Total financial savings £36,000

Rolls can be refurbished ad infinitum

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