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Stainless Steel Grinding for the UK Atomic Energy Authority

How Hoverdale ground stainless steel plates for the UKAEA

The Situation

Stainless steel is available in standard sizes ‘off the shelf’. In order to obtain non-standard sizes it is necessary to purchase the nearest available size and reduce it by some method of machining.

The Client’s Objectives

To reduce 150 stainless steel plates from standard sizes to drawing dimensions and tolerances.

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Our Solution

With our heavy duty grinding machines and their high levels of metal removal (as high as 312.5 cubic centimetres of metal per hour) we were able to propose an attractive price and delivery.


Their Measures for Success

Drawing sizes and tolerances with a good surface finish.

Our Work

We made a special purpose fixture and proceeded to grind the stainless steel plates on all four sides. We were able to satisfy UKAEA on all points.

The Timing

We were able to complete all work ahead of schedule as a result have received further orders.


Value to the Customer

By utilising our service an important project was able to proceed without serious delays waiting for special rolling from the steel mill.

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