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Dosco Mining Material Hard Metals

How Hoverdale’s materials were found to be the strongest in the industry by independent tests.

The Situation

Dosco heading machines are track mounted and because of the working conditions (metal to metal working submerged in slurry) it was difficult to find a material that would withstand the variation of conditions. Dry conditions caused friction welding between the mating surfaces and wet slurry caused rapid wear and premature failure.

The Client’s Objectives

To find a better material than they were currently using in order to increase the reliability and performance of their machines

Our Solution

Tests were carried out at Leeds University Department of Tribology. The test involved reciprocating a material sample with a vertically applied load. The load was incrementally increased until the sample failed.

150 samples were tested including SG, iron, bronze, chrome, nickel, molybdenum and steel and it was found that Ultraclad 800 outperformed all other materials tested.


Their Measures for Success

Eliminate friction welding between moving track components. Increase reliability.

Our Work

We redesigned the key components to give the same overall dimensions but made from a number of components welded together to present a ground finish of Ultraclad 800 to the mating surfaces.

The Timing

We were given three weeks to present a set of 24 composite components for testing on an actual machine. We made the deadline with hours to spare.


Value to the Customer

The results of the trials achieved all the objectives.

Elimination of friction welding
6 times longer life

An additional advantage is that due to a dramatic reduction in friction the Dosco heading machine was able to climb a 10 degree steeper incline with no increase in power.

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