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Lafarge Tarmac Conveyor System

How Hoverdale saved Lafarge Tarmac £44,520 in the first year with a new system and £25k per annum thereafter

The Situation

12 conveyors in the system

4 are fitted with a German cleaner

4 are fitted with an antiquated system

1 is fitted with a Hoverdale ‘P’ type from 1995

4 have no cleaners

“We are happy with the service we receive from our German supplier but the costs are higher than we had budgeted for.”

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s objectives are to analyse the costs of spillage control and to take action to achieve improvements/savings.

Our Solution

We plan to install 12 Hoverdale PRT systems which will achieve dramatic reductions in maintenance and spares usage and a reduction in belt surface damage.


Their Measures for Success

The success of the exercise will be measured in savings combined with improved performance i.e. reduced spillage.

Our Work

We installed 12 Hoverdale PRT systems and achieved all of our objectives.


Value to the Customer

 HoverdaleGerman supplier1st year savings
Cost of 12 systems78002640018600
Annual Maintenance & Spares28002680025920

Total savings year 1: £44,520

Total savings year 2: £25,420

“We needed to make savings and Hoverdale worked with us to achieve savings that exceeded our expectations”

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