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Quarry Conveyor Spillage Reduction

How Hoverdale reduced clearing up by 75% and save the costs of three members of staff clearing up back spillage & maintaining an inefficient conveyor system

The Situation

The quarry is one of the largest in Europe and was suffering from excessive carry back spillage which was causing belt damage and using up excessive man hours in clearing up.


Conveyor Spillage Reduction

The Client’s Objectives

To find a way to reinvent carry back spillage and reduce ‘wasted’ man hours and generally improve material flow through the plant.

Our Solution

We started with a site survey to assess the magnitude of the problem followed by a report and recommendations. We offered to demonstrate to effectiveness of our recommendations by selecting the worst transfer point at ground level.

We were given a free hand to do the best job we could.

We installed:

A primary scraper ‘T’
A secondary scraper ‘D’
A snub drum scraper
A lining in UHMPE to prevent material hanging up in the transfer point

The results were excellent.

Their Measures for Success

A dramatic reduction in spillage and a corresponding reduction in man hours clearing up plus all other associated benefits – less belt damage, less blockades.

Our Work

We completed our demonstration transfer point in three weeks. After a further four weeks the improvements were so dramatic that we were given the go ahead to upgrade the complete plant.

After the upgrade we only had to visit the site four times a year to carry our minor adjustments. After 18 months we started to replace the scraper blades.


Conveyor Spillage Reduction

The Timing

The first demonstration units were installed in three weeks. The balance of 38 conveyors were fitted out over a three month period working to a programme in conjunction with our customer.

Value to the Customer

Clearing up reduced from 4 times per week to 1 per month

Savings of two men on clearing up and one man on maintenance

Increase in belt and roller life

Rolls can be refurbished ad infinitum

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