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Tarmac Company Conveyor

How Hoverdale eliminated the need for maintenance on the chevron belts of a tarmac company

The Situation

‘Chevron’ belts are used to transport materials – normally sandy gravel – up a steep angle (+30 degrees) conveyor. Because of the construction of a chevron belt it is difficult to remove carry back with a contact scraper.

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s objectives were to find a system that would remove carry back material and save the cost of 1 man full time clearing up.

Our Solution

Our experience on other sites leads us to recommend our scrape-air system powered with a 4.5kw fan. We installed the system linking it to the electric AC control system to ensure that the fan started 20 seconds before the belt started moving, and switched off 30 seconds after the belt stopped.

The results were excellent and the clearing up was reduced from 1 man full time to 1 hour per week.


Their Measures for Success

The company’s main criteria for success were:

Reduction in man power used in clearing up

Low maintenance solution

Our Work

We installed our scrape-air system and linked it to the electric AC control system so that it would operate seamlessly.

The Timing

Because the problem was ongoing we were able to supply & install a scrape-air unit within 3 weeks.

Value to the Customer

There are 3 ways that the customer felt that the installation was valuable to them:

The elimination of a full-time member of staff

The scrape-air system needs no maintenance and have been known to run for 10 years until the electric motor needs replacing

Working with a company that provides engineered solutions

Rolls can be refurbished ad infinitum

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