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SCI Redcar Conveyor Belt

How Hoverdale’s Trackmaster troughing sets saved SCI Redcar £250,000 in replacement belts

The Situation

When a ship carrying iron ore is being unloaded two grabs discharge 3000 tonnes per hour onto a single conveyor belt. The belt is forced off centre at the loading points causing the belt to rub against the conveyor structure causing belt edge damage leading to premature belt failure.

“We have real problems tracking our ship unloader belt which is causing belt edge damage and premature failure. If a ship is delayed for any reason we are charged demurrage.”

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s objectives were to find a system that would ensure that the unloader belt would run smoothly within the conveyor frame, eliminate belt damage and premature failures.

Our Solution

We installed 8 strategically placed Trackmaster troughing sets and 2 return units which completely solved the problem.


Their Measures for Success

The company’s main criteria for success were:

Prevent the ship unloader belt from tracking over to the left causing belt edge damage and premature belt failure

Prevent spillage caused by belt displacement

Our Work

We supplied and installed 10 tracking units over a 12 week period.

The Timing

The tracking problem was ongoing so we were able to move quickly to provide a solution. We had to install our systems when a time slot was allocated between vessels.

Value to the Customer

The belt ran centrally after our trackmasters were installed

Belt edge damage was eliminated

Premature belt failure was eliminated

Product spillage was eliminated

Total savings approx £250,000 (2 replacement belts)

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