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Screw Feeder Liners

How replacement liners saved one waste management client £38,700 in replacement parts & 598 man-hours in maintenance.

The Situation

Plant & equipment supplied by a German OEM was beginning to wear out after a waste management plant had been in operation for 18 months.

Hoverdale were called in to help reduce maintenance costs in this plant, especially in relation to a screw feeder which fed material up a slope into the next part of the process.

Trough liners, supplied by the OEM, were rigid & fixed in place. In addition, because the OEM had gone out of business, the client was having to keep volumes of the troughs in stock because they didn’t know where to find an alternative.

The client was using types of trough liner:

400 BHN wear strips for the harsher end of the process before materials were separated out

Hard plastic: Polypropylene which was pre-formed

Screw Feeder Liners
Screw Feeder Liners

The Client’s Objectives

The client’s main objective was:

To find a supplier that could provide a better outcome with longer life thus reducing the maintenance costs and reducing the need to carry stocks of parts.

With the OEM going out of business, the client didn’t have anyone to consult with on reducing maintenance costs of the plant.

Our Solution

Hoverdale’s solution was to:

Replace the Polypropylene liners with Polyurethane liners in the dry section

Replace 400 BHN RQ&T liners with Ultraclad 800 liners which would bring about an increase in life of 7 times

Hoverdale’s PU troughs were as hard as the OEMs troughs but were more flexible making for easier storage. The Ultraclad liners would bring about a 7 times increase in life for a similar cost.

Their Measures for Success

The client had 2 main measures for success.

Correct fitting of liners (in changing from a formed to a flexible liner)

Lifetime of liners (old v new)

Hoverdale aimed to provide an increase in the lifetime of the liners in excess of three times

The Timing

A simple change over to new materials when the original material had worn out.

Value to the Customer

The value for the customer was significant:

PU liners lasted 3 times longer life saving the company £30,000 per annum

512 man-hours saved maintenance on the PU liners which needed to be replaced less frequently

Parts were made available on a 10-day delivery basis leaving the client with no need to carry stocks

The Ultraclad liners lasted 7 times longer saving the customers £8,700 per annum

86 man-hours per annum saved maintenance on Ultraclad liners which needed to be replaced less frequently

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