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Waste Processing Conveyor

How Hoverdale saved a waste management company £32,000 per annum following a successful trial of conveyor rollers

The Situation

The waste processing industry handles a wide range of materials and substances. Fine particles and slurries will cling to moving rollers and build up until combined with larger debris they will jam the rollers in the transom or even build up behind the roller to cause the roller to be forced out of the transom.

When a roller jams it stops rotating but the belt carries on until the roller shell has worn through leaving sharp edges. This in turn will damage the belt surface.

The Client’s Objectives

The company were ‘living’ with the problems because they were unaware that there was a better way. Once they realised that their problem could be solved, it was easy to come up with a set of objectives. These were:

To eliminate maintenance costs

To eliminate belt damage

To work with a company that provided engineered solutions to ensure the correct solution for their problem

Our Solution

Based on our success with the Eurotunnel project we were able to recommend our limberoller system as the complete answer to the problems. We installed 4 limberollers on a trial basis and after 3 months converted a complete conveyor.

Now after 14 months of trouble free service our customer is delighted with the results and intends to convert all conveyors over to our limberoller system.


Their Measures for Success

The company’s main criteria for success were:

Maintenance costs to be reduced to zero

Belt damage to be reduced to zero

Our Work

We installed our limberollers which solved the client’s issues with roller failure.

The Timing

Because the problems with roller failure were ongoing we were able to install our trial limberollers within 2 weeks and after 3 months convert one conveyor.


Value to the Customer

The customer was able to appreciate the benefits of the limberollers in 2 ways:

Elimination of need to purchase and replace rollers at frequent intervals

Elimination of the need for maintenance

A £32,000 saving per annum (savings of £4,000 per conveyor per year – the company had 8 conveyors)

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