How well do you know your conveyor belts?
conveyor belts glossary

With the ‘back to school’ feeling in the air, we thought we’d help polish your skills this September by publishing our Conveyor Belts Glossary of Terms Brochure.

Conveyor belts glossary: So, if you’re struggling with your knowledge of conveyor belt terminology, or you just want to brush up (excuse the pun!) on what keeps your conveyors operational, the A-Z of Conveyor Belts is available here to download!

     Conveyor belts A-Z

Maintaining clean and functional conveyor belts is crucial to avoid productivity loss and safety risks in materials recycling plants. Spillages, carryback, and downtime on conveyor belts can result in higher maintenance expenses, decreased output, and potential workplace accidents. Plant managers should prioritise implementing preventive measures to keep conveyor belts in optimal condition and mitigate these challenges.

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The Hoverdale UK Team

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