Conveyor Screening Shafts Manufactured and Installed in Record Time
Conveyor screening shafts DRS

Conveyor Screening Shafts: Over the holiday period, Hoverdale manufactured and installed 12 new DRS Screening Shafts for an MRF Screening Deck.  These were turned around in just two weeks to meet our customer’s outage project deadline for replacing and refurbing the complete screening deck.


You don’t need to order conveyor screening shafts from overseas.

Originally manufactured abroad, with long lead times, the customer now benefits from replacement shafts manufactured by Hoverdale in the UK within 45 minutes of their location.

Long Term Benefits

We have improved the design, reduced costs, and reduced our customer’s carbon footprint.

Conveyor screening shafts  Conveyor screening shafts DRS

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


  • 40% reduction in costs
  • Lead-time reduction from 24 to 2-4 weeks
  • Quality improvement increases service life and removes the design flaws causing catastrophic failures.
  • Parts are manufactured in Warwickshire at Hoverdale Head Office
  • Hoverdale has sites located across the UK
  • Significant reduction in customer carbon footprint
  • Customers no longer need to hold large stock levels due to lead-time reduction.



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👉🏼 Hoverdale’s Promise 👈🏼
All our systems are designed and manufactured, Made in Britain and installed by our qualified Hoverdale Engineers. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee that we will solve the issues and commit after-sales and technical support for ongoing system performance.

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