DRS Conveyor Screening Shafts Reduce Carbon Footprint at MRF Plant
DRS Screening Manufacturing UK

DRS Conveyor Screening Shafts: Improving Plant Efficiencies and Reducing Carbon Impact at an MRF Facility.

A Hoverdale UK Case Study

The Challenges:

A recycling plant faced significant operational inefficiencies from importing OEM replacement parts for DRS Screen Shafts from the USA. These parts were not only costly but also had a lengthy lead time of six months, significantly hampering production efficiency due to delays in obtaining spare parts.

To mitigate the risk of operational downtime resulting from part failures, the facility was compelled to maintain a costly inventory of these expensive components. Furthermore, the procurement and international shipping of these parts adversely affected the plant’s carbon footprint, contradicting its strategy for carbon reduction. Additionally, a recurring issue with these OEM parts was the regular fracturing of the stub end shafts, leading to decreased production efficiency and profitability.

Customer Objectives:

– Minimise costs and lead times
– Enhance part quality
– Lower carbon emissions
– Diminish the necessity for extensive stockpiling

The Hoverdale Solution:

Hoverdale took a comprehensive approach to address these challenges by conducting an in-depth analysis of the reasons behind the rapid failure and wear of the parts. Leveraging this insight, Hoverdale re-engineered the components using a more durable material to extend their lifespan and prevent catastrophic failures. This redesign process involved sophisticated design and testing using Catia V6 3D CAD & FE software, ensuring that the new parts would meet the rigorous demands of the facility.

Following the redesign, the new parts underwent field testing, which yielded overwhelmingly positive results. This innovative approach not only met the customer’s objectives by reducing costs, lead times, and the need for a large inventory but also improved the quality of the parts. Importantly, by localising the supply of these critical components, Hoverdale significantly reduced the recycling plant’s carbon footprint, aligning with its environmental sustainability goals. Through this case study, Hoverdale demonstrated its capability to provide solutions that enhance plant efficiencies while supporting businesses in pursuing a lower carbon impact.

Manufacturing and supply of DRS Screening Shafts DRS Screen Shafts DRS Screening Shafts Trilobes


  • 40% reduction in costs
  • Lead-time reduction from 24 to 4 weeks
  • Quality improvement increases service life and removes the design flaws causing catastrophic failures.
  • Parts are manufactured in Warwickshire at Hoverdale Head Office, resulting in parts being within 30 minutes of the customer site.
  • Hoverdale has sites located across the UK.
  • Significant reduction in customer carbon footprint
  • Customer no longer needs to hold large stock levels due to lead-time reduction.



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