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Comprehensive Conveyor Engineering Services

At Hoverdale, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide array of conveyor engineering services designed to ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

Expert Maintenance for Mechanical and Electrical Systems: Our skilled engineers are at your service for everything from routine checks to advanced troubleshooting and repairs. We’re dedicated to maintaining the seamless operation of your conveyor systems.

Conveyor Belting Solutions: Need a repair, upgrade, or complete system overhaul? We’ve got you covered. Our team supplies and installs new conveyor belts and ensures the eco-friendly disposal of the old ones. Thanks to our specialised engineering and vulcanising teams, we manage every aspect of conveyor belting maintenance with unparalleled expertise.

Vulcanising Excellence: Our proficiency in vulcanising—a crucial technique for creating and maintaining conveyor belts—allows us to enhance the durability and performance of your conveyor systems by bonding and reinforcing their components.

Enhancements for Conveyor Skirting & Rollers: We specialize in optimizing conveyor skirting and rollers, reducing wear and tear and guaranteeing optimal functionality.

Combatting Carryback & Spillage: Our engineering team excels in diagnosing and rectifying common conveyor issues like carryback and spillage, enhancing the efficiency and safety of your operations.

Innovative Conveyor Solutions & Upgrades: Whether you’re looking to expand your facilities or upgrade existing systems, we offer bespoke conveyor solutions designed to fit your specific operational needs.

Operational Streamlining: Our goal is to help you enhance your productivity and efficiency. Through strategic process improvements, we optimize your conveyor systems for better performance.

Maintenance for Screeners & Shredders: Our expertise extends beyond conveyors to maintaining and enhancing screeners and shredders, which are crucial for the efficiency of your material handling processes.

Safety Compliance: Ensuring the safety of your workforce and compliance with regulations is paramount. We provide guidance and solutions for conveyor guarding and safety requirements, helping you create a secure working environment.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections: Our preventive maintenance services, available either ad hoc or through a structured Service-Level Agreement (SLA), help you catch and address potential issues before they escalate, saving you time and resources.

24/7 Emergency Support: Our team is ready to respond to emergencies around the clock, providing the support you need whenever you need it.

Advanced Reporting & Analysis: Through detailed electronic reporting and root cause analysis, we offer deep insights into your conveyor systems’ performance, helping you make informed decisions to tackle issues proactively.

“At Hoverdale, our commitment is to the longevity and efficiency of your conveyor systems. Trust us as your partner in maintaining and optimising your Material Handling Operations.”

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All our systems are designed and manufactured, Made in Britain and installed by our qualified Hoverdale Engineers. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee that we will solve the issues and commit after-sales and technical support for ongoing system performance.

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