Motorised brush cleaner for MRF chevron and cleated conveyor belts
Motorised Brush Cleaner Conveyor

Motorised Brush Cleaner Conveyor Case Study

Working with a large national waste and recycling provider that runs an MFR (Material Recovery Facility) processing tonnes of household waste and recovering material for recycling.


How Motorised Brush Cleaner Conveyor helped: The client was experiencing issues with carry-back and spillage of materials from their conveyor belts on site. Belly pans full of material and various other blockages in the system were causing multiple stoppages, and build up of materials on unclean belts were causing premature belt wear and damage.

Motorised Bruish Cleaner: In this case, the return rollers were wrapped in material and damaged, and the drive drum motors were overloaded. And because the rubber conveyor belts are cleated and chevron in construction, conventional-style belt cleaners were unsuitable.

A different approach was needed to overcome the belt’s construction and provide effective belt cleaning to prevent carryback and spillage.

The Hoverdale Motorised Brush cleaner was the ideal solution to tackle this challenge.

The motorised brush specification includes:


  • A Stainless Steel construction that auto-adjusts as the brush wears to maintain effective cleaning contact with the belt at all times.
  • A range of cleaning brush diameters from 200mm O/D to 600mm O/D, resulting in cleated belts up to 150mm in height still being cleaned effectively.
  • Quick-release cartridge systems allow fast and easy changeover of brushes.
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