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The Hoverdale motorised brush belt cleaner offers a sophisticated cleaning method for conveyor belts within bulk materials handling operations. This cutting-edge system combines the power of motorised brush technology with self-adjusting capabilities, making it the top choice for conveyor belt maintenance. Constructed from stainless steel, it safeguards against corrosive damage to the belts and is resilient in harsh weather conditions.


Conveyor belts have been integral in various industries, from materials recycling plants to aggregate plants and quarries. Their seamless operation is key to the efficiency and productivity of these facilities. However, one recurring challenge has been ensuring these belts remain clean, reducing the likelihood of carryback and spillage. Enter the motorised brush system deployed by Hoverdale UK Limited—a solution revolutionising how these industries perceive conveyor belt maintenance.

The Motorised Brush Specification Includes:

-A Stainless Steel construction that auto-adjusts as the brush wears to maintain effective cleaning contact with the belt at all times.

-A range of cleaning brush diameters from 200mm O/D to 600mm O/D, resulting in cleated belts up to 150mm in height still being cleaned effectively.

-Quick-release cartridge systems allow fast and easy changeover of brushes.

Why is a Motorised Brush so effective at Keeping Conveyors Clean?

What are our Motorised Brush Conveyor Belt Scrapers and Belt Scrapers used for?

Our Motorised Conveyor Belt Scrapers and Belt Scrapers Brush Cleaners are highly effective in solving the following problems when processing bulk materials:

  • Material stuck to the return belt
  • Material build-up on return rollers
  • Drive drum motors are overloaded
  • Material under conveyors needs to be dug out regularly
  • Material build-up at the tail drum
  • Excessive or premature belt wear
  • Material spillage causing hazards
  • Material becoming airborne causes health safety risks
  • Belly pans full of material create a fire hazard
  • Dirty belts causing optical sorting machine issues
  • Belt stoppages and downtime.

Initially, our motorised brush belt and belt scrapers system was devised for cleaning chevron and cleated conveyor belts that traditional contact belt scrapers couldn’t clean successfully. However, it quickly became apparent that this system also functioned remarkably well on all belt constructions. With many years of experience in the field, we have evidence to demonstrate that our system diminishes belt stoppages, raises uptime, and encourages greater quantities of material to be processed throughout the plant.

“Keeping MRF Conveyor Belts Clean and Operational: The Motorised Brush System by Hoverdale UK Limited.”

The Hoverdale Motorised Brush System

Hoverdale UK Limited, with its vast experience in the sector, has introduced a motorised brush system tailored to combat the challenges posed by carryback and spillage on conveyor belts. This system employs high-quality brushes that rotate at an optimised speed, ensuring thorough cleaning of the conveyor belt surface.

Features of the Motorised Brush System
  1. Efficient Design: The brush system is designed to cater to various belt widths, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution for different setups.
  2. Durability: Made from robust materials, the brushes can withstand the rough materials commonly found in recycling plants, aggregate plants, and quarries.
  3. Optimised Rotation: The motorised system rotates at a speed that ensures effective cleaning without causing wear and tear to the conveyor belt.
  4. Adjustable Pressure: The system offers adjustable brush pressure, ensuring the brushes can be set to clean the belts without causing damage.
Benefits of Using a Motorised Brush
  1. Elimination of Carryback: Carryback refers to the material that sticks to the conveyor belt after the discharge point. Over time, this can accumulate, leading to operational inefficiencies. The motorised brush removes these residual materials, ensuring a cleaner belt and smoother operation.
  2. Reduction in Spillage: Spillage is a common problem, especially in facilities that handle bulk materials. By ensuring that the conveyor belt remains clean, the brush system reduces the chances of spillage, which can be hazardous and costly.
  3. Cost Savings: Facilities can face significant costs associated with belt replacements, downtime due to maintenance, and manual cleaning. The motorised brush system drastically reduces these costs by maintaining a cleaner belt.
  4. Increased Lifespan of Conveyor Belts: A clean belt reduces wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the conveyor system.
  5. Improved Safety: Spillage and carryback can pose safety risks. A cleaner belt minimises these risks, ensuring a safer workplace environment.


The motorised brush system by Hoverdale UK Limited offers an innovative solution to an age-old problem in the industry. By ensuring that conveyor belts remain clean and operational, facilities can benefit from reduced operating costs, increased safety, and improved efficiency. It’s a clear testament that the most uncomplicated innovations can sometimes lead to the most profound impacts.

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