Motorised Brush Belt Cleaner on a TOMRA Optical Sorter in an MRF
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Many of our clients using optical sorters at MRFs, such as TOMRA, need help maintaining accuracy when separating valuable material for recycling.

Motorised brush cleaner for optical sorter – case study: Because the TOMRA is an automatic plastic sorting machine, keeping the conveyor belt clean and black in colour is important to maintain its sorting accuracy and efficiency.

Plants experience a reduction in per-tonne price through contamination and mixed material; the root cause is dirty belts with large volumes of sticky organic material stuck to the belt.

This results in the belts losing their natural clean black colour which causes the optical sorting machine to struggle to separate material correctly as it works to identify the plastic colours against the dirty belts.

The Hoverdale Motorised Brush System is the ideal solution to tackle these optical sorting challenges.


  • Belts were kept clean and black to ensure optimum sorting accuracy and maintain high yields for recovered materials
  • Carryback was eliminated, and the system avoided blockages
  • The return belt and rollers are kept clean and free of material
  • No cleaning resource is required to remove material from the facility
  • Reduced stoppages and increased uptime
  • The clients are able to better maintain stable production
  • Reduced premature wear of conveyor belts and rollers, lowering ongoing costs
  • Minimal maintenance is required
  • Very quick ROI.

Customer testimonial

“The Hoverdale Motorised Brush Systems fitted
to our plant have made a huge impact on the
operational performance, especially on our
TOMRA optical sorters, where we are seeing
tangible improvements in accuracy and
consistency in our material recovery.
A big thank you to the Hoverdale team, who
provided a flawless project from quotation to

Download the full case study here: Motorised Brush Belt Cleaner on a TOMRA Optical Sorter in an MRF


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