Preventing material carryback on conveyors to increase up time at IBA plant
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Case study: Motorised Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner at IBA Processing Plant

Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) is a form of ash produced in incinerator facilities. This material is discharged from the moving grate of municipal solid waste incinerators. Once IBA is processed by removing contaminants, it can be used as an aggregate.

When bulk processing uses conveyors, that material is tough to control and contain within the confines of the processing line. Being very aggressive in nature, high wear is seen on conveying equipment, with carry-back and spillage a primary contributing factor.

Motorised Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner IBA plant

When dry and dirty, the material can become airborne, causing health & safety hazards; when wet, the material becomes sticky and can cause blockages which can lead to seized return rollers, premature belt wear, loss of valuable material, and loss of processing time.

The rubber conveyor belts vary in construction and include cleated, chevron, and flat belts, so conventionalstyle belt cleaners are unsuitable.

A different approach was needed to overcome the belt’s construction and provide effective belt cleaning to prevent carryback and spillage. The Hoverdale Motorised Brush cleaner for conveyor belts was the ideal solution to tackle this challenge.

The results and benefits of the Hoverdale Motorised Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner

  • Carryback was eliminated, and the system avoided blockages
  • The return belt and rollers are kept clean and free of material
  • No cleaning resource is required to remove material from the facility floor and health and safety risks are reduced Belly pans
    are kept clean and free of material
  • Reduced downtime and increased uptime
  • The client was able to maintain stable production
  • Reduced wear of conveyor belts and rollers, which reduces ongoing costs
  • Minimal maintenance is required.

Download the full IBA Case Study here

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