Motorised Brush Conveyor Cleaner: Innovation Technology Spotlight
Hoverdale Motorised Brush Belt Cleaner

Hoverdale Motorised Brush Conveyor Belt Cleaner using
HALO – (Hoverdale Automated Linked) Technology.

Our motorised brush system was initially designed and engineered to clean chevron and cleated belts that conventional contact belt scrapers could not effectively clean. It soon became apparent that the system was also very effective on all types of conveyor belts. The brush system prevents carryback and spillage from flat, chevron, cleated, pocketed, flighted, and bucket conveyor belts.


HALO motorised brush


Through many years of activity in the field, we have proven data that shows a reduction in belt stoppages, increased uptime, and allowing more materials to be processed through the plant.

The HALO technology delivers remote functionality and monitoring to include:

1) Brush wear & performance
2) Identification of blockages through live camera feed and amp monitoring
3) Remove blockages through auto disengage, cleaning, and re-engage cycles
4) Identification of fault signatures through data analytics
5) It allows limited resources to identify areas of need without physically looking.

The technology always reduces the need for human intervention. On-site staff don’t have to enter hazardous areas for cleaning and maintenance, and cleaning costs and staff resources are dramatically reduced due to the significant reduction in spillage.
Most sites we survey have operatives digging out and cleaning tonnes of spillage daily.

The motorised brush eliminates spillage and carryback, typically reducing our customers’ cleaning costs by 80-90%.

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