People Reminded Of The Importance Of Car Recycling

As well as the usual, such as cans, bottles cartons, there are many other items in our homes that also need to be responsibly disposed of.

9, a:1:{i:0;s:8:”defaults”;}, waste management rotary screening starts, People Reminded Of The Importance Of Car Recycling, As well as the usual, such as cans, bottles cartons, there are many other items in our homes that also need to be responsibly disposed of. Read more here., When you think of recycling, you probably first consider the usual household items: tin cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cardboard and so on. But there are many other items in our homes that also need to be responsibly disposed of.

Cars are just one of them and although the vast majority in the UK are recycled, one organisation has taken the UK’s national Recycle Week as an opportunity to remind people of the importance of scrapping their old autos properly.

Recycling International reported that the CarTakeBack network has now hit a 95 per cent recycling rate for cars at its centres around the country. The organisation has heavily invested in equipment to ensure that every part of an old vehicle that can be repurposed is.

A spokesperson for the organisation commented: “Our goals are high and they need to be. With 1.8 million cars scrapped every year in the UK, we know a large proportion are responsibly recycled but if people don’t make the right choice, the damage is done.”

One of the most important elements of car recycling is carrying out vehicle depollution. This needs to happen at an authorised treatment facility that holds the correct environmental permit, the news provider explained.

It also revealed that as many as 300,000 end-of-life vehicles may have been illegally handled in 2018 alone, indicating that more work needs to be done in this area.

CarTakeBack also stressed that the mantra that’s used for household recycling – Rinse, Crush, Squash, Sort, Separate – is equally valid for vehicle recycling.

“While there’s obviously much more to it, recycling a car properly actually fits pretty neatly into that process,” the firm’s spokesperson said. They added that it’s important to make sure everyone knows what’s required for the successful recycling of all items in the waste stream, big or small.

What Mobile recently reported on a new initiative that’s been launched by EMR Metal Recycling and Currys PC World to draw attention to all the metal and electronic waste in the UK’s homes.

Recyclabots is a new recycling education initiative that teaches primary school children about the importance of recycling and how it helps the planet. Schools that participate and spread the message can also receive vouchers for Currys PC World when they recycle old tech and metal waste through the programme.

Andrew Brady, EMR Metal Recycling chief executive, stated: “The more metal we recycle, the less ore and virgin materials we need to take from the ground in the race to meet consumers’ needs. It’s important to consider the impact of waste for future generations.”

EMR Metal Recycling operates around the world. Across its 170 sites, it recycles approximately 10 million tonnes of metals each year.

Currys PC World, meanwhile, is the UK retailer that collects and recycles the largest amount of electrical waste in the country. Consumers are encouraged to take their old devices to their stores for recycling, regardless of whether they purchased the technology there or not.

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