Increasing Efficiencies & Preventing Carryback in Wood Recycling Facilities
Carryback in Wood Recycling Facilities

Increasing efficiency and reducing carryback in wood recycling facilities

Technology improvements to conveyor belt systems.

Optimised equipment and workflows

Conveyor belt systems in the recycling sector are a significant infrastructure component. Robust, solid and reliable conveyor systems make the process of converting wood waste into quality recyclables and alternative fuels. Conveyor equipment is generally designed to efficiently sort and process recyclable wood materials, which can help increase the facility’s overall efficiency. Safety, quality, and productivity are the three components that maximise recycling facility efficiency. Operators can do plenty to make their operations more efficient, particularly in today’s economic climate with rising energy costs. Planned and preventative maintenance of systems will help the system keep running because a faulty line is one of the big points for inefficiencies and energy loss.

Case Study: A manufacturer of OSB boarding has significant carryback issues on their conveyor return belts. This was caused by fine wood dust sticking to the belt in the process of turning wood shavings into bonded board products.

The fine dust causes airborne dust and a large amount of spillage under the conveyor lines, which results in constant, manual cleaning resources required to remove fugitive material.

If material is allowed to build up on the conveyor belt surface, it leads to carryback and spillage, which causes extra wear and tear on the rollers, drum, and other parts of the system.

This increases maintenance and cleaning costs, shortens the life of the conveyor system, poses a health and safety risk and causes more shutdowns.

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Preventing Carryback in Wood Recycling Facilities  


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