B-Type Adjustable Conveyor Belt Cleaner & Scraper System

Reliable, low-cost belt cleaning

The B type has proven itself to be nearly seven times more efficient than conventional rubber blade cleaners since its introduction ten years ago.

Whereas many belt cleaning systems depend on metal springs, the B type utilises exceptionally durable, heavy duty rubber torsion blocks. An additional feature of the B type is the ease by which it can be installed and maintained.

As it fits into very small spaces, the cleaner can be installed virtually anywhere on the belt.

Blades are mounted on modules with individual suspension blocks that are easily replaced due to their stainless steel fasteners. Maintenance is a rare chore as the ultra hard alloy blade tips ensure long life.

B-Type Belt Cleaner Features & Benefits

  • Long blade life thanks to ultra-hard alloy tips – minimising maintenance costs & downtime
  • Works well with a variety of products including sticky materials – no clogging, making for a more efficient & productive operation
  • Fits into very small spaces – easy to install in any situation & to retrofit
  • Easy installation virtually anywhere on the belt – giving you the flexiblitly to run your systems in the most efficient way possible
  • Self-adjusting – no need for expertise
  • Roll in, roll out facility for easy maintenance – reducing man hours & minimising maintenance