Flat Return Belt Tracker

Flat Return Belt Tracker

The revolutionary new Hoverdale Belt-Tracker tracks flawlessly due to the nature of its geometry. The ‘slewing action’ caused by belt misalignment touching is converted using state-of-the-art stainless steel servo rollers, which in turn cause a tilting action.

Through this process, the Belt-Tracker dynamically tracks the belt back to a position where belt tension is equal across its section. What’s more, the Belt-Tracker is designed to give years of maintenance free operation!

The Belt Tracker can be customized to track belts from 600mm to 2600mm in flat ‘V’ return and all troughing configurations.

Belt Tracker Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates Belt Edge Damage – saving money, maintenance & down-time
  • Eliminates Structural Damage – saving money, maintenance & down-time
  • Eliminates spillage problems at transfer points caused by misaligned belts – saving clean-up & man-hours.

Invest in the Troughing Belt Tracker to optimize the efficiency of your conveyor systems and achieve greater operational reliability