FMS Belt Scale BMGZ021

BMGZ021 – Robust measuring roller for flat conveyor belts


  • Longest lifetime
    Robust design, all components enclosed, integrated, contact-less speed detection
  • Precise measuring results
    10‘000-times proven technology, direct force detection on the shaft, w/o deflection or any braces
  • Compact, maintenance-free
    Integrated speed detection without friction wheel, dual shaft sealings
  • Simple and universal retrofit
    Sophisticated and proven concept with multiple installation options


The flat measuring rollers of the BMGZ021 series are designed for operation in most severe conditions and under steady load in mobile and stationary plants that process heavy, bulky goods, such as sand, gravel, stones, coal, building rubble etc. A wide portfolio of sizes for standard belts offers solutions for most applications.

Functional description

The FMS measuring roller normally substitutes a regular idler roller station of the conveyor belt. The FMS measuring roller is selected according to the width of the conveyor belt. Both measuring roller axis are supported by force measuring sensors. This direct measurement at the point of load transmission makes the measuring system insensitive to forces that act in direction of the moving belt. Additional components (guiding beams and connections to the frame, etc.) to isolate the force are not required and lead to an extremely slim design. With an installation height of only 150 mm (5.9 in.) the FMS measuring roller can be easily installed where space is limited, e.g. in mobile crushers or screening plants. The adjustable support of the measuring roller can be adapted to various frame dimensions and widths. The mounting brackets simplify the installation and are also supplied. The integrated, sealed and contact-less speed detection is wear- and maintenance-free. It is also installed directly on the axis of the measuring roller.


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