FMS Belt Scale Electronics BMGZ710.PNET

BMGZ710.PNET – Robust electronics for belt scales with PROFINET IRT interface


  • Sturdy aluminium housing with resistant display and controls
  • Graphical display, auto tare function, calibration via integrated calculation
  • Integrated PROFINET IRT interface
  • Integrated web browser


The electronics of the BMGZ700-series has been designed for the demanding applications of mobile and stationary conveying systems. The illuminated, graphical display indicates the actual performance, daily amount, total amount and belt speed. Configurable analog and digital outputs are available to connect additional displays or controllers. All data is also provided via the integrated PROFINET IRT interface for easy system integration and data management. The factory-provided integrated web browser allows for quick configuration of the electronics via a regular laptop or pc and can even grant remote access to the system.

Functional description

The electronics of the BMGZ710-series converts and digitalizes the signals of the measuring roller. The electronics subtracts the weight of the measuring roller and the belt (tare) from the actual reading and multiplies the result with the belt speed. The BMGZ710-series features an auto tare function which allows automatic evaluation of the tare value during two turns of the belt.


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