HALO – Hoverdale Automated Linked Technology

The HALO system can identify and report information when the system has a worn blade and automatically removes blockages by disengaging from the belt, cleaning the blade, and then re-engaging the blade with the belt to the correct tension.
All whilst the plant is still running.

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Keeping conveyor belts clean, prevent spillage, carry back, and blockages in processing bulk materials.

The HALO system offers complete condition monitoring and reporting through an easy-to-use performance dashboard. Featuring intelligent auto-cleaning technology, the HALO system is ideal for use in head drum areas that are difficult to access or hazardous, making it the perfect solution for materials processing facilities that run 24/7 with limited maintenance resources. With a quick return on investment and tangible savings, the HALO system is the ultimate game-changer for the Waste & Recycling, Mining, IBA, and Aggregates industries.

Award-Winning System

Our cutting-edge technology has earned us not one, but two prestigious awards for innovation.

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Award for Innovation


Prolong the life of your conveyor belts

The HALO system’s effectiveness ensure that the benefits and savings are tangible and provide immediate savings.

  • Many conveyor belts are hazardous to access for maintenance teams due to the material being processed or the location of the belts
  • It is time-consuming and costly to attend to cleaning continuously and to undertake preventive maintenance, remove blockages and clean spillages from carry back
  • Costly repeated stoppages were occurring, which prevented stable production from being achieved on high-value lines.
  • Following intensive research and testing through 2019, the innovative duo produced an industry-leading, multi-award-winning, cutting-edge technology named the HALO (Hoverdale Automated Linked Operation).

The HALO system quickly became a game changer for materials processing facilities. The technology is patent-pending and now operates in several industries:

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