Hard Metals


Our Hard Metals Products & Services

Hoverdale’s Hard Metals Division offers a wide range of products, purpose built to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

The range of applications for our hard, wear resistant steel plate and chromium carbide lining includes hardfacing of hoppers, chutes, bunker transfer points, and crushers. And our design & manufacturing service covers everything from tungsten carbide pan mixer blades to digger and dozer cutting edges and blades.

What Makes Us Different

Hoverdale have the most outstanding hard metal pedigree in the UK. We have been working with hard metals since 1969 when we introduced them to the UK market.

This pedigree shows in a number of ways:

  • We have the technique and equipment to machine hard metals to any customer specifications
  • We can fabricate products in hard metals as well as strategically reinforcing target areas in material transfer systems to provide a long life at a relatively low cost
  • We can grind these products to user-defined dimensions
  • We offer a range of products (Ultraclad, Wearalloy & RQ&T plate 400, 450 and 500 BHN) to ensure that we have the right solution to each problem
  • We can offer stainless steel cladding, Inconel cladding & can make overlay to order to any customer requirements
  • We can make overlay to customer-defined specifications – customers can give us their requirements and we can custom-design hard metals to do the job. To our knowledge, we are the only company that can do this
  • We have a 10-tonne overhead crane and so we can fabricate up to 10 tonnes

We also have our own, industry leading hard metal, Ultraclad. Ultraclad overlay is the most durable product on the market with the following credentials:

  • 30 times + the life of mild steel
  • 8 times the life of 400 BHN steel
  • 3 ½ times the life of 500 BHN steel
  • Ultraclad has 3 grades to cope with normal, hot & corrosive environments

Common Customer Objectives

Our customers decide to use us because they want to:

  • Deal with a company that can engineer solutions to meet their needs
  • Make significant savings in operating costs
  • Increase plant availability
  • Solve a problem that they have been unable to solve elsewhere

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do to make components last longer?

If we know what you are using and how long it lasts, in 9 out of 10 cases we can recommend something more durable or a better solution.

How can I reduce maintenance without spending a fortune?

Hoverdale specialise in the strategic reinforcement of components using hard metals and ceramics, only putting expensive components where they are needed. We have a wealth of engineering expertise and can bring this to bear on your components.

My component only lasts 3 months & I need it to last a year. What can be done?

We can work with you to redesign the component metalurgically to achieve the target life.

How Can We Add Value

Hoverdale can add value by using new materials to solve old problems. We can make a dramatic difference to reduce operation costs.

One example of this was how we reduced the maintenance staff at Llanwern steel works from 85 to 5 after a programme of material upgrades.

In addition, we offer value by:

  • Engineering solutions to high-cost maintenance problems – our engineering expertise gives us a unique ability to dramatically reduce maintenance costs with the most simple solutions
  • Reducing maintenance costs – the correctly designed conveyor system will have a huge effect on maintenance costs that we can help you to identify, quantify and realise
  • Improving housekeeping – working with you to reduce spillage and to determine the benefits in terms of reduced maintenance & clean-up costs
  • Increasing plant availability – extending the periods between maintenance by installing the right solution
  • Working with you to achieve a program of planned maintenance – we can custom-make products to last the length of time you need them to last to fit in with your planned maintenance programme