Impact Plate Overlay

Ultraclad Impact Plate Overlay

Ultraclad Impact plates in quarries & cement works have a life of 66,000 tonnes compared to mild steel which has a life of 4,000 tonnes. This is an increase in life of 16 times.

All parts are delivered cut to size and drilled, ready for installation. With the appropriate attachment fittings as required.

At Hoverdale, we understand the importance of reliable and durable equipment in material handling operations, which is why we offer high-quality solutions like our hopper overlay. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of bulk material handling, our hopper overlay provides exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, and corrosion, ensuring extended equipment lifespan and minimized downtime.

Introducing Hoverdale’s UltraClad 800, a state-of-the-art total carbide saturation special steel overlay plate designed for extreme wear resistance in demanding industrial applications. Engineered with precision and cutting-edge technology, UltraClad 800 offers unparalleled durability and performance, making it ideal for protecting equipment exposed to abrasive materials and harsh operating conditions

For more information on our Ultraclad product, please visit our special steels section.

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We can work with you to achieve the planned maintenance program by making components last longer by the strategic use of hard metals/ceramics.

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