K Skirt Rubber Seal

K Skirt Overview

K skirt is a flexible rubber seal that flexes to site on the belt with two seals to prevent spillage. The system ‘rides’ on the belt and prevents gaps opening up when the belt passes over the return rollers.

K skirt provides a long-life, low-friction solution to the problems of spillage & enables conveyors to be run with the minimum of maintenance & clean-up.

K skirt is easy to fit & can be installed where space is limited.

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable – the skirt can be adjusted throughout its life to maintain the same pressure on the belt
  • Low friction – to reduce belt damage
  • Long-life – typical K skirts last 2 years
  • Moves with the belt – when the belt is under load & moving, K skirt develops a better seal
  • Zero clear-up – once K skirt is installed, the vast majority of clear-up problems simply disappear