Limberollers – Flexible Conveyor Belt Rollers

‘Limberollers’ – The Flexible Alternative

The ‘Limberoller’ flexible conveyor belt roller is loaded with features including:

  • Resistant – The Limberoller accepts high impact loading by the soft rubber discs and the inherent flexibility of the idler itself. The addition of soft rubber blocks at each end can assist where extreme conditions prevail
  • Eliminate Material Build Up – The flexibility of the discs together with the continual flexing action of the wire rope, prevents material adhering and building up on the discs. Freedom from material build up avoids damage and prolongs belt life
  • Save idlers used – On average, only two Limberollers are used on every ten feet of belting- a significant saving over other idlers!
  • Centre Belt Automatically – A belt supported by conventional three or five roll idlers will not correct even slightly off-centre loading. The Limberoller centres the load automatically, as the bottom troughing point is on the same vertical plane as the gravity centre of the load
  • Belt Return Tracking – The Limberoller’s natural troughing helps track the belt on its return run. Limberollers can be used on either the top or return run of the installation
  • Deep Trough Loading – A Limberoller installed at a 45 ° troughing angle at the loading area avoids the necessity for skirt boards. This also eliminates belt wear due to top cover cuts. Limberollers also require less space between the drum and first full trough idler than conventional steel idlers
  • Quick Installation and Removal – Conventional idler removal is often made difficult, if not impossible, by problems with corrosion and spillage. Not so with the Limberoller! Installation and removal is fast due to the unique hooks at each end of the Limberoller idler.

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