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It is recognized in the industry that belt scrapers have helped reduce the carry-back problems, however it is well understood that there could be better and more efficient ways of reducing carry back and other associated problem in processing bulk materials.

It is recognized in the industry that belt scrapers have helped reduce the carry-back problems, however it is well understood that there could be better and more efficient ways of reducing carry back and other associated problem in processing bulk materials.

Current challenges include;

  • Systems need manual adjustment to maintain effectiveness.
  • System have blockages are not easy to remove quickly and generally require tools. The scraper contact area preventing carry-back can become a high-risk area.
  • Replacement blades especially PU ranges can be quite costly consumables.
  • Understanding when systems are ineffective, blades worn or material processing issues.

In 2019 Hoverdale embarked on an aggressive innovation plan to develop a new range of belt scrapers that would address the current areas that were posing challenges. We conducted extensive research and gathered all the knowledge and lessons learn from the last 50 years of manufacturing and supplying conveyor protection products.

The results of this exercise were industry leading products with new patented technology that could carry across all our range offering cost effective, robust solutions for maintaining bulk handling equipment.

The areas we targeted to improve were

  • Removal of the need for manual adjustment, maintaining blade pressure and performance for the life of the blade.
  • Removal of the need for manual tools, skilled labour to carry out preventive and emergency maintenance.
  • Removal of the need for manual inspection to understand performance and blade life.
  • Reducing replacement costs and consumables.

Auto-Adjustment- Silver

Our patented power module not only ensures 100% automatic adjustment through the life of the blade as it wears, but also can react to changes in belt and drum shape absorbing deflections and sudden impact in materials. This not only protects the belt and scraper equipment, but also ensure contact is still maintained cleaning material effectively and reducing material being trapped causing blockages.

Quick Release- Gold

Scrapers are designed to stop material from being taken around the belt. Therefore, they are act as a barrier and blockages can then occur which can result in loss of performance and increased carry-back. MRF industries due to the varying nature of material size, moisture content, and stickiness suffer from this problem on a daily basis posing issues with down time and loss of production. Hoverdale took the approach rather than promising to stop the blockages which would be highly unlikely, we would provide a system that could be quick released by the operator in seconds without the need for any tools or specialist training. In some instance where safe to do so some systems have even been quick released whilst the best is running to ensure no loss of production. This innovation has been revolutionary in industries such as MRF waste plants where blockages are high resulting in high percentages of loss production. (Awaiting image of quick release system Should be week commencing 20/01/20)

Condition Monitoring-Platinum

If remote monitoring is required Hoverdale have developed technology that can automatically and remotely track blade wear. This provides the control room within the plant to have visibility via a dash board of each conveyor and scraper system. Having this real time information ensures that resources are allocated to the areas requiring attention making (TPM) Total Preventative Maintenance a viable activity to ensure high efficiency of operation and reduce downtime. Historical data can be used to analyse trends so accurate predication can be made when to order replacements blades to operate a (JIT) just in time stock control.

Maintenance & Replacement Blades

Through the innovation of the auto-adjustment system the maintenance on Hoverdale system has been vastly reduced. Blade wear indicators are visible from the front of the systems so operator can see quickly see when the consumable blades require changing.   PU Blades are changes via quick release pins with no need for any hand tools and can be completed in under 1 minute. Tungsten blades are made in sections for easy change via 2 bolts.

On Hoverdales secondary E-Type scraper blades are also double sided and are reversable so double usage can be achieved reduce consumable costs.

There are a range of blade material and types to suit all material applications and belt jointing to include, Tungsten, Boron, Ceramic, PU, Nylon, Composite bio fuel resistant, and heat resistant for hot applications.

Visual Blade Indicator

For quick visual recognition we have introduced a blade wear indicator to the front of our systems. This allows operators to quickly see when blades are getting close to require changing.

Other Key Features

To cover an array of different industries and material Hoverdale have introduced a comprehensive range of option to cover all application;

  • High temperature
  • High corrosive
  • Bio fuel
  • Costal
  • Heavy duty

All systems are available in the standard steel construction which is e coated as a base with a powder coat finishing covering, or full stainless steel for corrosive, high temperature applications.,

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